Jun 11, 2018
El Al Cargo Move Poses Challenge

Misaskim is working with El Al Airlines on how to continue funeral shipping to Israel after changing its cargo area at JFK Airport.

By Leeba Leichtman

A levayah. Synonymous with loss and tragedy, it’s always a difficult thing. But when taking place in airports, often confusion and disorder compound the picture, and levayos can prove far more difficult to get through than they already are.

This coming Motzaei Shabbos, June 16th, EL AL Airlines is instituting a change that could potentially create a hassle for bereaved families.

True to form though, the Misaskim organization is already on the case, meeting with officials to discuss the best-possible plan of action, so that things can continue to run smoothly.

This change will not affect EL AL’s long-standing policy that it will only accept an aron from JFK; the airline policy is not to take aron from Newark Airport at any time.

The airline will be switching its Kennedy Airport cargo area from Cargo Building B23, where it is currently located, to cargo area D, Building 75. Until now, drivers would take the Nassau Expressway, Route 878, and get off at the Kennedy Airport Exit. With the new change in place, however, drivers must continue down Route 878 until Exit 3, North Hanger Road, and follow the signs to Building D75.

The new EL AL Cargo Building, located at 75 North Hanger Road, has two parking lots. The first provides parking for trucks, so drivers can get confused—but that is the one to enter. The second is a secure area with barred entry.

Upon entering the truck parking lot, drivers should continue around to the back of the building; there, they will find a ramp at Bay 38, located all the way at the end of the building. This is the new EL AL cargo area which is shared with other airlines as well.

Parking will be much more limited in the new facility than it is at the current location, so Misaskim is in touch to see what can be done.

Currently, meetings are in the works between Misaskim and the Port Authority Police Department, as well as Port Authority Management, in order to discuss crowd accommodations.

"As always, Misaskim will continue to do its utmost to see to the needs of families and of the Jewish community in times of bereavement," says Misaskim director Rabbi Yankie (Jack) Meyer.

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We should never need them, but it's good to know they are there.
(6/11/2018 10:28:02 PM)
Also for how to advise cohenim in the plane ✈ not to fly with a dead 💀 body in the planes cargo . That would be ideal. But yeah way to go El Al.
(6/11/2018 10:30:46 PM)
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