Jun 11, 2018
Mesivta Gets Tested in Boro Park

30 students of Oholei Torah Mesivta were tested on their knowledge of Baba Kamma by halachic authority Rabbi Gavriel Zinner.

To follow in the tradition for over 25 years, the Oholei Torah Mesivta, led by menahel Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm, had its yearly campaign to finish an entire Mesechta ba'al peh, which this year was Meseches Baba Kamma.

The majority of the Mesivta learned and completed the Mesechta as a part of the curriculum. A group of 30 Talmidim that learned the Mesechta ba'al peh were tested throughout the year, daf by daf, by the magidei shiurim and Rabbi Eli Tenenbaum, and today were tested on the entire Mesechta B'vas A'chas (at once).

Today, the group went to be tested by the renowned halachic authority Rabbi Gavriel Zinner of Boro Park together with Rabbi Wilhelm. The talmidim were asked all types of questions from throughout the whole Mesechta.

Rabbi Zinner expressed his excitement about the knowledge of the bochurim. Others learning in Beis Medrash at the time came over to the bochurim to express their amazement at how such young bochurim are mastering entire Masechtos baal peh.

Rabbi Wilhelm wished his talmidim to all grow to be Lamdonim, Yorei Shomaim and true chassidim, giving nachas to the Rebbe, their parents and Klal Yisroel.

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