Jun 12, 2018
LA 8th Grade's Graduation Trip

The graduation trip for 8th-grade students of Cheder Menachem in Los Angeles took them to Tacoma, Washington.

Boys of the 8th grade of Cheder Menachem of Los Angeles enjoyed a fun and inspiring a trip to Tacoma, Washington to mark their graduation.

The boys, chaperoned by Rabbi Michoel Harari, visited the Chabad Jewish Center of Pierce County in Tacoma, and were addressed by Shliach Zalmy Heber.

They also visited the JBLM Army Base and went white water rafting in the nearby rapids.

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Dedicated Eighth Grade Teachers
Actually organized and chaperoned by the extremely dedicated Mechanchim Rabbi Naftoli Greenberg and Rabbi Shmuel Schapiro along with the help of Zalmy Plotke. Rabbi Harari helped organize as well and hosted the boys on base. Thanks to the Cheder administration as well!
A Grateful Parent
(6/12/2018 7:02:40 PM)
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