Apr 16, 2018
No Arrests in Friday Night Attack

NYPD Hate Crime Unit took the lead on the attack of a Jewish man by 5 non-Jewish black people near 770 Eastern Parkway.

By COLlive reporter

The attack of a Jewish man in front of Lubavitch World Headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn this past Friday night is now being investigated by the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force.

A police source told COLlive.com that while there has yet to be any arrests made or breakthrough in the investigation, this move was a clear indication that the case is being treated as a possible anti-Semitic incident.

According to reports, the person attacked was a 42-year-old Jewish man who was visiting the Crown Heights neighborhood for Shabbos who was walking with a Chassidic Jewish man at around at 3:30 am.

A block away from 770 Eastern Parkway, they were confronted by a group of three men and two women, evidently non-Jewish African-Americans. "Do you want to fight?" the assailants asked, according to reports, and began punching and kicking the Jewish man.

The victim, treated for lacerations by Hatzalah, then at a local hospital, filed a report with the New York Police Department on Saturday night after Shabbos ended, the Jewish Week wrote.

"There's no other motive," said Rabbi Eli Cohen, executive director of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, told the Jewish Week. "We’re hoping this was a one-off thing."

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catch em
they need to be caught and lynched, to teach others. if they have the chutzpah to do it next to 770 then will do it anywhere
(4/16/2018 5:31:33 PM)
Were are the cops when you need them
Propably busy giving tickets or giving people a hard time over using their GIVEN power. Shame
So Unreliable
(4/16/2018 6:34:48 PM)
To #1
I heard shomrim showed up very quickly
(4/16/2018 8:18:49 PM)
To number 3 bs.
Its funny how the boys who called the cops and hatzalah were not asked about this article. There was no blood going to 770 etc... It was near ot! No one besides for nypd and hatzalah were notified
(4/16/2018 9:16:19 PM)
To #1
Your comment is disgusting; regardless of wether or not this was in fact a hate crime you should not be saying the answer is another crime that is committed from hate and racism
(4/17/2018 6:12:19 AM)
Sympathy for Criminals and not Victims
When I hear about attacks like this, I wonder why the criminal laws were softened last year. NYS Sen Jessie Hamilton supported the "Raise the Age" law ( need to be 18 yrs old to be charged for most crimes) which sends 16 and 17 yr olds to Family Court and not criminal court because human brains are not fully developed until 24. There was no opposition from the Jewish community on this. Hate crimes will be tougher to prosecute against 16 to 17 yr olds bc of this. Sickening.
(4/17/2018 4:15:13 PM)
Jews are always easy targets
The blacks are animals. Say it like it is. Jews dont fight back and are easy to hurt. Disgusting black culture, evil music, violence and znus is what they crave. Yeah please dont tell me, they're not all bad. That's like saying not all Arabs are bad. what difference does it make? Many are animals. Look at the statistics. WE can't change them but Jews need to fight back and go about in pairs or more. It's not going away, so have to deal with it. Most blacks like this are cowards, hit the once and they never do it again. Glad I don't live in that cesspool.
(4/18/2018 12:49:54 AM)
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