Mar 13, 2018
Will It Just Remain a Dream

From the COLlive inbox: Today is Chof Zayin Adar, and I'm not sure what to make of it. Who would believe its 26 years...

Today is Chof Zayin Adar, and I'm not sure what to make out of it.

It's been 26 long years, years of hope, belief, and anguish. Who would believe, that we would ever mark a 26th 'anniversary' of Chof Zayin Adar?

On that faithful Monday, we were sure it would be a matter of days if not weeks, that the Rebbe will be Gezunt and take us out of Golus. Yet, who would believe that our dream would be delayed for years, and yes, even decades.

11 months prior to the Rebbe's stroke, the Rebbe empowered us to do all we can to bring this Golus to an end. Since that Sicha, there hasn't been a single idea which was left undone.

Whether it was partaking in huge Kinusim, learning about Moshiach, or increasing in Hafotzas Hamayonos. In the years following Chof Zayin Adar we tried everything. And now, it's 26 later.

Rebbe, look at your Chassidim, over the last 26 years, Lubavitch and it's activities have reached previously unthinkable boundaries. Just take the past few weeks as an example, Davening with 2,500 CTeens in 770, and having 2000 children completing a Sefer Hamitzvos Chidon, this wasn't even a dream before Gimmel Tammuz.

Yes, we are doing all we can.

On Wednesday, Students of Chabad schools and preschools around the world will be uniting at 10:30 AM for special rallies in honor of Chof Zayin Adar. Thy will say the 12 Pesukim, Tehillim and give Tzedakah.

But what's life without these children seeing their Rebbe. What's life when it sometimes feels that you are something of the past, Chas V'sholom. Why can't our children witnesses the same Giluyim as we did. Will it always just remain a dream?..

Yes, we know that in truth Golus is the dream. But how much longer can your Chassidim dream? We are so eagerly awaiting that day, when we will awake to the news of your Hisgalus, when we will finally wake up from that dream of Golus.

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well said
Yes! Yes! Yes! THIS!!!!
(3/13/2018 8:48:34 PM)
moshiach now
(3/13/2018 9:01:46 PM)
We need moshiach now!!
Thank you for this post.
(3/13/2018 9:10:21 PM)
Needed to be mentioned
Thank you,
Even though no amount of words can contain our feelings
(3/13/2018 9:56:11 PM)
Fake news
Galus is fake news, Hashem needs to wake us up.
(3/13/2018 10:55:00 PM)

, "
(3/13/2018 11:30:45 PM)
(3/14/2018 3:19:54 AM)
There is something major that has not been done!!!
Just reading this post , reminding us that 26 long years have already passed since that fateful chaf zayin Adar, brings forth tremendous emotion and pain - as who could believe that we are still here today, with the complete revelation of the geulah shleima nary in sight!!!

You write "11 months prior to the Rebbe's stroke, the Rebbe empowered us to do all we can to bring this Golus to an end. Since that Sicha, there hasn't been a single idea which was left undone. "

Yet in truth, there is something major that the Rebbe had clearly stated in his last sichos is the final avodah that will bring about the geulah shleima - yet it shocks 26 years later, when I point this out to people, they are totally shocked to see it in black and white, yet nobody knows about this!!!

What avoda am I talking about that has not been done - or rather, has barely been done, as I am already actively teaching this avoda to N'shei Chabad around the universe - one neshama at a time - and now I recognise that it's time to share this with every single Jewish woman in the universe - not just those that I have been zoche to come in contact with and teach them the ropes.

The Avoda of the embodiment of the deeper truth of Malchus for all Nshei Ubnos Yisroel - which the Rebbe refers to in the Yud Shvat sicha Shabbas Parshas Bo, Vav Shvat, and Beshalach Yud Gimmel Shvat , Taf Shin Nun Beis!!!

There the Rebbe says "....Now while this was true about Jewish women of all generations, the learning of Torah and chassidus is most essential for women today, due their specific relation to the redemption, particularly in the realm of their superiority over the masculine!."

So the Rebbe is telling us that there is something that the woman have which gives them superiority over the masculine, which is why the women must learn Toras Chassidus in our generation, more than the men! Because it's what were going to uncover, through our learning , that will reveal what exactly we need to do to bring about the geulah, b'poel mamash!

The Rebbe continues: For our sages have declared that just as in the merit of the Righteous Women of that generation, the Jews were redeemed from Egypt, so too is this true for the future redemption, of which it is said, it will be like the days that you went out of Egypt, I will show you wonders!

For then too, the final redemption will be in the merit of the righteous women of that generation, as it says: and the generations will not be redeemed except through the merit of the righteous women in that generation (of geulah)

Further on, the Rebbe says " ... We can add, that the superiority of the women is emphasized in not only bringing the geulah, but also, and most importantly, in the redemption (process) itself, like is known and expounded on in sifrei Kaballah that in a future era, the superiority of the sefirah of malchut will be revealed - in regards to receiver, woman in that her source is higher than all the attributes giver, man like it says, the feminine will transcend the masculine A woman of valor is the crown of her husband.

Again, here the Rebbe is telling us that there is something about the redemption process itself - the revelation of the superiority of malchus, the feminine dimension - that is going to be part of the redemption process itself!

In other words, when the truth about malchus is revealed and put into practice, that itself is the redemption process!!!

Further on, the Rebbe explains what that truth is - ".....And thus, according to the content of Basi Legani, where it says that Hashem is inviting us to His garden...the whole purpose of creation is to make a home for G-d here in the lowest realms, through the efforts of the Congregation of Israel. ...And in this task , we find superiority of the women, just as it was with our Imahos, Matriarchs; it was specifically our Matriarchs who had the power to refine (clarify) the worldly matters more than the Patriarchs, whose main avoda/service was of otherworldly matters, for women are more involved in the (physicality) of the world.

Footnote 31 the reason for this is that the root of the Matriarchs is higher than the Patriarchs, in the way of the end of the deed begins with the original thought, as will be revealed in the future, that the feminine will encompass the masculine, and a woman of valor is the crown of her husband.

Here the Rebbe is telling us clearly that in truth gashmius is higher than ruchnius (lights of tohu higher than the lights of tikkun), therefore, because women are more connected to gashmius than the men - that's why they will be the ones who will be able to finalise the avoda of making this world a dirah b'tachtonim - because the tachtonim is the gashmius of the world!

Here are the Rebbe's words "So because we are actually the last generation of exile (and the first generation of redemption) ,it will be the women who will complete the job of making this world a home for G-d , where souls will be in bodies, in this physical world, for here will be the revelation of the Essence of the Shechina, a home for The blessed in the lowest realm, with the geulah shlieima in its truth and completion."

And lest anyone not be clear on the fact that the women taking gashmius to the next level (the revelation of the deeper truth of malchus) is the final piece needed to bring about the geulah shleima, the Rebbe said it quite loud and clear in the sicha of Chaf Beis Shvat Taf Shin Nun Beis!!!

Shabbos Parshas Yisro, Chaf Shvat and Leil Vyom Beis Parshas Mishpatim, Chaf Beis Shvat Taf Shin Nun Beis

Ois Yud Beis: (in regards to ) the superiority of Nshei Ubnos Yisroel, when it comes to the Avoda of making a dirah lo yisbarech bitachtonim, which is the unifying of 10 and 11 revealing Atzmus , which is above 10 and 11- requires that we need to first understand an additional explanation regarding what we said above, about the making of dirah btahtonim:

The Rebbe is saying here that the women have the koach more than the men to finalize the avoda of making this world a Dira Btachtonim , for the final avoda requires revealing Atzmus, the highest level of Hashem! Atzmus is the level of the Oneness of Hashem, Hashem before creation, when there was no separation between upper and lower, ruchnius and gashmius etc. Atzmus is found in the gashmius, rather than the ruchnius.

Now the explains why bedavka the women :

Being that Chazal use the lashon of Dirah Btachtonim, it is understood that we need to recognize the comparison to a persons home in the physical world which evolved from this inyan of dwelling place from above.

We plainly recognize that even though a home could technically just be a designated place that a person could reside in, (very simple and basic) nonetheless, the completion of the home is when it is a beautiful home, with beautiful furnishings etc. until it has the three things that give harchavas hadaas to a person: A beautiful home, pleasant wife, and beautiful furnishings. (lashon naeh)

So when it comes to a dwelling, then on a basic level, there are two inyanim:
1. The dwelling is nullified completely to the person that lives there. Meaning that all the details of the home serve him well, and in all the details, the whole existence of the one that dwells in it is expressed.
2. The beautiful Dirah gives harchavas Hadaas to the person.

The completion of the Dirah Btachtonim is davka when it is a Dirah Naeh a beautiful home, with beautiful furnishings, which allows for the Yid to conduct himself in a pleasant way (and like is befitting Knesses Yisrael, an Isha Naeh).

Here the Rebbe is saying that Harchava Bgashmius is the ultimate goal in completing the avoda of Dirah Btachtonim, because it gives Harchavas Hadaas!

Like it says, to add to this, that when we make from the lowest world a dwelling for Hashem, according to the proper way, it needs to be beautiful, for according to halacha,Everything that is Lshem Hakel Hatov should be from the pleasant and the good; so if one builds a shul, it should be even nicer than his house. Because Ze Keili Vanvehu -This is my G-d and I will adorn Him.. , we make our mitzvoth beautiful before Hasehm, ie. we , make a beautiful sukkah, have a beautiful esrog etc., and through this, it is understood that this mandate includes all the work of making this world a dwelling place for Hashem, for everything (not only mitzvoth) has to be in the way of a beautiful home. Everything has to be beautiful and pleasant (b'gashmius ) and thiusis not only connected with the completion of the tachton, but it affects the Harchavas Hadaas of Adam Elyon Kaviyachol!!

Here the Rebbe is saying that it is not only the mitzvoth that we need to use the best of gashmius for, but all the work necessary for making this world a dwelling plae for Hashem must be harchavdik b'gashmius! (and in this particular sicha, the Rebbe introduces us to beautiful homes, beautiful furnishings, beautiful women being the avoda of finalising the dirah b'tachtonim!)

And then the the Rebbe takes it further, in stating that not only when we have harchavas hada's, do we finalise the avoda of dirah b'tachtonim, but even more than that, our harchavas hada'as b'gashmius affects the Harchavas Hada'as of Adam Elyon, Kaviyachol!!!

Ois Yud Gimmel. This is explained as follows: The completion of the unification of 10 and 11 which is done through our deeds and work purifying our thought speech and action in completion, brings the revelation of chaf besi shvat, which demands investing in new avoda that has never been done before!!!....and therefore, it will bring the geualah amitis v'shashleima!

Here is a clear source that the Rebbitzens Histalkus brought forth the new Avoda that the women will do ,which will finally bring the world to completion! And please note, it says New avoda. So it cant be that women bring geulah simpy through cooking and cleaning this is something weve done for thousands of years, while the Rebbe says that it is something new that we will do!

....when there will be the completion of the concept Dirah Lo Yisborech in the physical world -the revelation of infinite light in this gashmiushdike world when 10 and 11 become unified as one (level of revealing atzmus), is dependent on this avoda being done for the duration of the length of galus!.........

Here the Rebbe is saying that the completion of the Avoda to make this world a Dirah Btachtonim requires revealing the Atzmus of Hashem, which is in the gashmius, not ruchnius. And the chiddush here is that the avoda of revealing the Atzmus is to be done while we are still in galus!!!

(in this new avoda), the goal is not just to reveal the levels of Elokus that are in relation to the world thats recognizable in this world, but also Elokus that is not relatable to worldly reality. Till is revealed the Atzmus and mehus, ....till the world and Hashem Himself becomes one - ......for through the avoda of making a dirah btachtonim, is fulfilled the pleasure and yearning in the Atzmus Itself, Kaviyahchol !!...

As stated above, when we have physical pleasure down here, it fulfills , kaviyachol, the ta'avah for pleasure in Atzmus itself!!!!

And the chiddush here is that .... (besides for ) the renewal in the realm of the created , (where the) main avoda is in transforming the gashmius in the lower world so they could be proper keilim to reveal Elokus (thus revealing the hidden light of Hashem in them), for example, making teffilin from physical Klaff, and tzitzis from physical wool etc....the new avoda is that we need to take it further, and build a beautiful home have beautiful furnishings etc., for these things give harchavas hada'as to a person, as explained above!!!!

Note, the Rebbe is clearly saying here that the new avoda requires that we take the inyan of using gashmius, to the next level!!! Its not enough to use gashmius for mitzvoth, now we need to use it for harchavas hada'as bgashmi!!!

Ois Yud Daled :Through this , we can understand that relevance between what was said above and the Nshei Ubnos Yisrael....Because we see that when it comes to the home ...the main decor and beauty of the home and furnishings, whether in gashmius or ruchnius, is dependent on the woman, the Akeres Habayis. As is known, the concept of beauty and the talent to make it beautiful is specifically the realm of the woman. ( Isha Naeh, Kallah Naeh Vachasuda..Till, Ein Isha Elah LYofi) It begins with beauty in ruchniyus,and from there evolves beauty in gashmius!!!

Here the Rebbe is clearly telling us that is because the women are most invested in the gashmiusdike decor and beauty of their homes etc. for their essence is more connected to beauty and pleasure etc., that's why it is that they will be the ones to do the final work in bringing about the geulah shleima! It begins with them working on being beautiful b'ruchnius (beautiful middos?), and the outcome is that it evolves to their avoda in beauty b'gashmius!!

And we could say here that this avoda evolved from the avoda of the making this world a dirah b'tachtonim, and (now this aspect) of the avoda of beautiful home and beautiful furnishings is greatly dependant on Nshei Ubnos Yisrael!

Footnote 96 through this we derive the connection between .....Ishah Naeh and Dira Naeh , and Keilim Naim - the three things that broaden the mind of man, because through a woman, that her inyan in Naeh, there comes forth a beautiful home and furnishings.

...And this is meramez (hinted) in the name Chaya Mushkah which is about chayus and the smell of bsamim. As in order for it to be a pleasant home, there has to be Chayus in the home a leibedike shtub. And even more than that , there should sensed the scent of spices a good and pleasant smell., whether in ruchnius or in gashmius - because it adds more to the pleasantness of the home... And this is more sensed on Shabbos, because the inyan of Shabbos is Oneg Shabbos. accordingly, we could say that the addition of Chaf Beis Shvat is that through making a dirah naeh a beautiful home which is marchiv that daas of a person which makes it even more emphasized the oneness of the 10 and 11 - Atzmus, so that the dirah in the tachtonim creates and renews a renewed harchava above, Kaviyachul.

Here the Rebbe is again saying that the histalkus of the Rebbitzen brought forth the new avoda for women, the avoda of taking gashmius to the next level and the chiddush here is that not only does harchava bgashmius give harchavas hadaas to man and help him feel more geulahdik, so it is completing the work of dirah b'tachtonim, but it brings a renewed Harchava to the higher realms!! Our gashmiusdike pleasure affects the pleasure felt in the higher realms!!

And from this we have the lesson for nshei ubnos Yiroel, and particularly the shluchos who gathered here from all corners of the world for the knus... for although all of Bnei Yisroel have shlichus from Hashem to make for Him a dirah btachtoime, nonetheless, it is the Nsehi Ubnos Yisroel that have a exclusive shlichus to make a Dirah Naeh, with beautiful furnishings (b'gashmius ub'ruchnius)!!!!

Amazing! The Rebbe is making it very clear here, in case the shluchos feel that they are excluded from this avoda, (perhaps they feel that there are other ways to focus on in bringing Moshiach?), that it is particularly the shluchos that need to focus on this avoda - and of course, it is for all Nshei Ub'nos Yisrael as well!!!

The ikaar is that in this time, the last moments befor the geulah, we need to arouse ourselves and all the women, about the great zechus of bringing the geulah amitis vhashliem teikef umiyad mamash, that comes through the zechus of nashim tzidkaniyos of our generation (through the above, of making a dirah naeh, isha naeh etc.).!!!

So in conclusion, the time is now to finally recognise that there is a very vital avoda that the Rebbe revealed to us 26 years ago, yet we have been asleep at the wheel! Barely anyone has paid attention to this!!!

True, it's not so simple, there is an art to revealing the Atzmus of Hashem in the gashmius - it's not like we could just go splurging on gashmius and the geulah will come - far from it - and this art is precisely what I have uncovered 1 and a half years ago, and developed a course on the chassidus and practical application of this most essential and holy avoda that has been entrusted to Nshei Ubnos Chabad to bring about the final geulah shleima b'karov mamash. I have already launched global support groups for woman to help each other connect to this avoda and learn how to practically apply it to their daily lives - the next project is going to be the malchus miracles app, where everyone gets to share the miracles that come about due to doing this awesome avoda!

For more information, please contact me

Brocha Lipszyc

(3/14/2018 3:30:28 AM)
Your thoughts hold so much emotion
and of course, so much good is being done and for sure Moshiach is way over-due, however, since we are still in Golus, sadly, maybe we just need to work on a few things to make it a reality. My suggestions are, let's try to be more careful not only about not talking and thinking Loshon Horah, but not believing what we hear. I am not referring to being warned about harmful people who can R"L hurt others B'Gashmius or B"Ruchnius etc,. I'm referring to things we hear without any proof and take it as fact, when it can be highly exaggerated, false or seem to look the way it's described. The victims of this Loshon Hara suffer greatly from the false gossip spoken about them. If you need to hire someone or are looking for Shidduchim verify if what you're hearing isn't coming from a jealous hateful person, a known gossiper, and that the report is indeed true.
(3/14/2018 4:26:03 AM)
We're doing all we can?
Tznius, Chabad light?
(3/14/2018 8:13:23 AM)
Just follow Shulchan Oruch
If the ones on the top led by example by following Shulchan Oruch - and following directives of the Bais Din and not fighting for power like in the times that led up to the churban bais Mikdoshainu -- Moshiach would have been here a long time ago. Alas we haven't learn much from past experiences and like the Rebbe said people don't really want Moshiach mit an emes. Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui.
(3/14/2018 9:07:16 AM)
To #8 what a treasure
Thank you for shining a light on such powerful teachings of the Rebbe! I plan on saving this and reading it a few times iy"h.
(3/14/2018 10:18:54 AM)
#8 Thank You!!!!!!
For those that are still in the Galus mentality. Let go of what only Hashem is in control of - and take on this avodah that the Rebbe has so clearly stated. See response #8 for a detailed overview of what the Rebbe was demanding.

@freedomdancer (For Women and Girls)
(3/14/2018 10:35:05 AM)
Shleimus HaAretz
The security and welfare of our fellow Jews in Eretz Yisroel was very dear and near to the Rebbe. What a travesty that 26 years have passed and parts of Eretz Yisroel have been ceded to murderous enemies and thousands of precious Jewish lives have been lost, r"l, in the false and foolish notion of land for peace.

And yet Lubavitcher Tzaddikim like HaRav Springer, zt"l and HaRav Rapp, zt"l and all of the other Chassidim and Jewish activists heeded the Rebbe's call to stand up for Pikuach Nefesh and Shleimus HaAretz.

Here is one immediate peula we can all do:
Tomorrow, 28 Adar, March 15th, Elisha Chaim ben Naama Lea Odess is scheduled to have a hearing on whether his confession (under severe torture by Shabak) is valid. This 19 year old (with dual Israeli/American citizenship) was arrested 2&1/2 years ago for the arson attack in the Arab village of Duma. He has never been charged and was tortured into a confession.

Moreover, the impossibility of him or anyone else entering the village, first crossing through a large orchard and fields, then walking through the village to the back, firebombing the unfortunate young Arab family's home (that killed them), having time enough to write on a nearby wall Nekama and Melech HaMoshiach, and then be able to exit unseen is preposterous. And, the reason he has not been charged.
Letters and Calls to Ambassador Dermer have gone unanswered.

This scenario is another example of what the Rebbe meant in writing to Ariel Sharon when the Rebbe asked what would happen if there was a conflict between a Jew and an Arab in Hevron - would a fair investigation proceed or the Jewish person automatically indicted?

Today and tomorrow, let us all say a Tehillim for Elisha and meditate on the Rebbe's directives for Shleimus HaAretz.

Letters can also be sent to Ambassador Dermer via -
or to Minster of Justice Ayelet Shaked: ASHAKED@KNESSET.GOV.IL

Crown Heights Women for the Safety and Integrity of Israel
(3/14/2018 12:14:18 PM)
But what's life without these children seeing their Rebbe.
This one line seems quite out of line with Yiddishkeit. While clearly we miss our Rebbe but we have so much in our mesorah to hold us togther. Remain strong and lets not get pulled down.
(3/14/2018 2:53:23 PM)
Odd place to include your political tirade
(3/14/2018 3:39:50 PM)
27 Adar
W/0 lengthy discussions etc etc. It is the day the Rebbe fell and our job is to pick him up . so to speak for us to to continue where he left of , to do his work . No one knows why Moshiach is not here and nor for certainty what will bring Moshiach . Hence every single thing positive we do can make it happen. And not only deed but attitude inside can as well effect geula . this is an awesome thing and halvaie we taka wanted Moshiach with all of our being it would also make it happen . people have tzorus . and there is no explaining the same with geulo ..there is no explaintion and we don't want explanations . we want geula yeshuous rebbe etc nizka zien zich mittan rebben .do lamta today !...vhu yigolenu zg
(3/14/2018 5:07:48 PM)
as a litvak, i am curious what did the writer mean by "your Hisgalus",
thank you
(3/15/2018 7:51:13 PM)
To 18...You touch on a sensitive word....while it is referring to Tchiyas hamesim....part of that is a strong belief among chassidim that it will incorporate..the revelation of the Rebbe as Moshiach....speedily in our days...
(3/15/2018 8:12:01 PM)
Rebbe Picture
Please tell me were I can purchase this picture!!!
(3/17/2018 10:31:16 PM)
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