Sep 13, 2017
Is Your Child in Tzivos Hashem?

Tzivos Hashem was created by the Rebbe to solve the root challenge of today’s youth - "the lack of Kabolas Ol," providing a system of discipline that children are excited to take part in.

Tzivos Hashem recruitment goal: “no chayol left behind”

“The root challenge of today’s youth is the lack of Kabolas Ol,” writes the Rebbe. The solution? Tzivos Hashem: a system of discipline that children are excited to take part in.

It works. “Since my son joined last year,” says parent Mrs. Raizel Rosenfeld from Miami, Florida, “he has been more motivated; in davening, in chitas, and even in helping around the house!”

Tzivos Hashem isn’t a program; it’s an army. The soldiers complete missions to earn medals and rise in rank. There are 12 campaigns— ranging from mivtzoyim to briyas haguf—where progress is made.

“Since implementing Tzivos Hashem in our school 8 years ago,” says Mrs. Schapiro of Bnos Menachem, Crown Heights, “the atmosphere has completely transformed.”

What’s more, the tremendous accomplishments don’t go unnoticed. Achievements are recognized with raffles, school prize stores, ceremonies and even trophies.

And thanks to Rabbi Moishe and Ruti Weiss, the new Weiss Tehillim is being gifted to every chayol who completes 12 weeks of missions.

Don’t miss out!

Soldiers registered before Thursday receive the discounted sign-up price.

Is your child signed up yet?

Ready to sign up? Click here.

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Opinions and Comments
What age?
What age is tzivos Hashem geared for? Is 5 too young? Does a child's school have to be signed up or can the family sign up independently?
(9/13/2017 6:35:21 PM)
Age and how to sign up
Most schools start it in grade 1 some start in pre 1a and some parents start it with their kids at home as young as 4 I believe. If you do that you would have to be on top of it. To sign up if never signed up before go to and press create account. If your school is not part of it choose for school Anash kinder or if you are a shliach myshliach.
Good luck!
(9/13/2017 8:57:08 PM)
A child does not have to be in Tzivos Hashem to to be in Hashem's army! Always remind your kids every day that no matter what they're always in Hashem's army!
(9/14/2017 2:41:27 AM)
Go Tzivios Hashem!
My kids love Tzivos Hashem! and of course the Quest for Oiz Episodes ;)
Keep up the good work!!
(9/14/2017 3:27:39 AM)
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