May 18, 2017
Discussion on Rebbe’s Early Life

Rabbi Dr. Jacob Schacter led a discussion with authors of the book The Early Years at Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun in New York.

Over two hundred people gathered together on Monday at an event hosted by Kehillath Jeshurun in Manhattan to explore the life of the Rebbe.

With standing room only, the audience was treated to a spirited conversation with the authors of the new book, Early Years. The evening was led by Rabbi Dr. Jacob J Schachter of Yeshiva University, who presented his review of the book.

Rabbis Boruch Oberlander and Elkanah Shmotkin, co-authors of the book, offered fascinating new insight into the volume’s history, relating the experience of researching and authoring such a groundbreaking book. The panel answered questions from an engaged and enthusiastic audience.

Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz, senior rabbi of KJ, and Rabbi Bentzion Krasniansky offered opening remarks about the new work.

The book is published by Kehot Publication Society and is available at Jewish bookstores or online at

Early Years presents the unknown story of the Rebbe’s childhood and youth, through documents and archival data.

To purchase The Early Years, click here.

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Can it be viewed later for play-back?
For those not able to watch at that time?

Thank you,
(5/15/2017 1:58:24 PM)
Yasher koach
I need to buy this book
(5/15/2017 10:56:08 PM)
Why was this book made
Why did they author find it necessary to make such a book and invest so much time in to it?
What was the source pushing it behind the scenes??
(5/15/2017 11:20:47 PM)
I watched the whole replay, incredible!
(5/16/2017 9:11:05 AM)
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