Nov 14, 2017
Mozzarella Serves More Than Dairy
Photos: Shimi Kutner/COLlive

The newest kosher eatery in Crown Heights is "Mozzarella," but a star dish on its menu is the smoked fish by Yoske Strasberg.

By COLlive reporter
Photos: Shimi Kutner/COLlive

The newest kosher restaurant to open its doors in the increasingly foodie Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights is "Mozzarella."

Located at 265 Troy Avenue, between Lincoln Place and S. Johns Place, the dairy eatery promises a wide array of dishes in a casual atmosphere.

Its owner, Yossi Elnatanov, is an Israeli native who ran a catering service and recently moved to New York. He crafted the Mozzarella menu with Mediterranean and Italian cuisines in mind.

There's the classic Israeli dish of Shakshuka with 3 variations, New York style sandwiches on baguettes, panini sandwiches, omelets, pasta and sweet potato ravioli, pizza made in-house and quinoa burgers.

One sandwich they proudly serve is "Sabich," the traditional Sephardic Jewish sandwich which consists of pita stuffed with fried eggplant, hard-boiled eggs, hummus, crunchy pickles, Israeli salad, and some tahini sauce.

But what might be their specialty is the smoked fish prepared by local resident Yoske Strasberg and includes honey smoked salmon, maple smoked salmon and jalapeno smoked salmon.

"I got a smoker as a gift about a year ago and started smoking food at home," Strasberg told "Fish always came out the best. I use a seasonal menu and will be smoking between once to 3 times a week on premises."

Strasberg said it takes him about 2 days to prepare a batch of fish and he is "always open to getting new ideas from people," noting that he is now working on teriyaki smoked salmon and pepper crusted and lemon salmon.

He recently prepared fish for 3 Bar Mitzvah celebrations in New York and Massachusetts. "We can prepare platters for events and for Kiddushin on Fridays," he says, adding that "Salmon is my specialty."

Mozzarella will have a grand opening on Sunday, Nov. 19 - Rosh Chodesh Kislev and are highly encouraging reservations.

Crown Heights Mozzarella
265 Troy Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213
(917) 633-6770
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 10:30am–11pm, Friday 9am–12pm, Motzoei Shabbos 7:30pm–12am
Kashrus: CHK

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Opinions and Comments
lokks good
(11/15/2017 12:10:08 AM)
Because whenever I come to Crown Heights I just have absolutely nowhere to eat.....
(11/15/2017 12:11:18 AM)
I just love the atmosphere there. The service was fantastic.

The staff actually smiles and makes you feel like a very valued guest. No trace of any snobby attitude here.

And, of course, the food is delicious.
(11/15/2017 2:21:57 AM)
That tuna looks fabulous
(11/15/2017 3:36:38 AM)
Finally a dairy restaurant
That doesnt have everything dairy!!!! I cannot eat dairy, and every time i go out to a dairy restaurant (for whatever reason) ibam stuck with limited-to-no options. Bh for this place!!!
(11/15/2017 6:20:47 AM)
The shashuka was the best I've ever had
(11/15/2017 7:06:31 AM)
Online Orders
Doesnt look like it is possible to sign up or order online. The system they are using isnt working.
(11/15/2017 7:28:32 AM)
Wow finally a place to retreat but stay in the neighborhood.
I was looking for a new place to Have my meetings, and family hangout.
Was so happy to hear of Mutzarella:)
(11/15/2017 7:40:46 AM)
Tried it a few times before they officially opened and can say LOVED IT! the food and kind service add to it a beautiful place at affordable pricing
(11/15/2017 7:47:55 AM)
Perfect for what we need in Crown Heights
Hi my name is Chef Mike krispine
I have tried already twice Mozzarella café
And I would love to share with you some of my experiences at first the ambience and the Decor a really young and fresh
The food was excellent simple and delicious and most of all it was fairly priced I think this restaurant Bringing the answer to
people like me who likes to eat out daily good food that don't charge over price
(11/15/2017 8:03:27 AM)
Been there
Service excellent .... nice variety of choices (would like more salad choices though).... prices could come down just a bit and then I'd have people waiting around the corner to get in...... happy it's here!
(11/15/2017 8:03:47 AM)
Was there
Great food! Very good service!
(11/15/2017 8:14:22 AM)
I went there for the soft opening. Was delicious! Real Israeli food. Fresh tasty and served well.
The service was really good.
Next time will bring family.
(11/15/2017 8:18:04 AM)
Yoske's smoked salmon out of this world
i tried it at his son's bar mitzvah and it was so delicious!
(11/15/2017 8:18:27 AM)
Beautiful design, good food, great portions, the falafel and FF of all things are amazing and the over all experience is really good even with kids.
Highly recommended
(11/15/2017 8:18:44 AM)
We made a Bris there for our son and it was absolutely beautiful. The decor, the food, and the service were amazing. Highly recommend this place.
(11/15/2017 8:57:52 AM)
Looks great!!
(11/15/2017 9:26:24 AM)
Is there a Hecher? i dont see it on the site.
(11/15/2017 9:41:04 AM)
I heard they also do Sheva Brachos, Bris, etc.
(11/15/2017 9:59:29 AM)
Love Mozarella!
Such good food!! And great service. Had such a nice time there.
(11/15/2017 10:03:39 AM)
real Israeli dairy
I never saw kosher shakshuka like that anywhere in NYC
(11/15/2017 10:10:10 AM)
Love Yoskes fish..I pretty much fell in love with it after the first bite..(No jokes) and Im not a big fish fan... Tasted it at a simcha..and everyone there couldn't get over it. Lots of success Yoske. Im drooling just thinking about it.
(11/15/2017 10:44:28 AM)
So excited about this place. Finally somewhere in CH with real shakshuka!
(11/15/2017 11:01:01 AM)
Mozzarella in willy
Is this associated with the restaurant in Williamsburg with the same name ?
(11/15/2017 1:20:55 PM)
Looks Amazing!!!
Can't wait to try it out!!
(11/15/2017 5:07:14 PM)
finally a milichik restaurant we were there the fish and the pasta were delicious the chef is doing a great job. And the atmosphere is very pleasant. I am looking forward to take a friend for her birthday over there with some more friends. I am sure she is going to appriciate it.
(11/15/2017 5:27:22 PM)
The pasta is yum
Amazing so excited thanks Hatzlacha
(11/15/2017 6:46:01 PM)
24 nothing to do with willi
Completely different food...and 770 is in both the email and the phone number :)
(11/15/2017 6:51:30 PM)
Yoskes fish
Yoskes fish is out of this world fantastic!
(11/15/2017 9:35:14 PM)
looks amazing B"H
Good luck and Mazal Tov !!!
(11/16/2017 8:13:48 AM)
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