May 18, 2017
Job Fair Makes a Call to Chinuch

The Menachem Education Foundation will be hosting its fifth annual Chinuch job fair, recruiting the best and brightest for a strong future of Chabad Chinuch.

“In our times, the call to education is in the category of Pikuach Nefesh.” – The Rebbe, Igros Kodesh, vol. 8, p.222

On Sunday, May 21 2017/25 Iyar, representatives from local and out-of-town schools will be gathering in Crown Heights at United Lubavitcher Yeshiva- 570 Crown Street for the 5th annual Chinuch Job Fair.

There will be separate men and women’s hours: Women: 2:30-4:30. Men: 6:30-8:30.

Admission to the event is $10 at the door, or FREE if you pre-register here and fill out the form.

Not local? No problem! Schools can send a job description to, and for $50 we will ensure that the candidates hear about your opening. After the event, we will send you the resumes that match your opening.

Easy, early sign-up will ensure that as a school or a job seeker, you are presented with the best matches per your requirements.

A wide range of positions in the educational field are being offered, and representatives from over 40 schools are looking to meet exceptional candidates to fill over 75 openings. This is also an opportunity to find out about professional development for new and experienced teachers, opportunities for professional growth, and teaching resources brought to you by MEF, the event’s host.

· Connect with schools from across the USA and Canada who are hiring.
· Interface directly with school leaders, principals and recruiters.
· Network with fellow educators.
· Learn about unique resources available to you.
· Dozens of teaching positions available for all age classrooms, as well as advanced administrative and leadership positions.

Are you a school looking to advertise your positions?
We are here to help you fill vacancies with the most qualified educators. Please click here to register as an employer today and discover up and coming Chinuch talent!

Positions are available in Crown Heights and out-of-town. Here is a glimpse at what positions are available:
Pre-School Teacher
Pre-School Assistant
Limudei Chol Elementary Teachers
Limudei Kodesh Elementary Teachers
Limudei Chol High School Teachers
Limudei Kodesh High School Teachers
High School Extra Curricular Coordinator
Elementary Extra Curricular Coordinator
Curriculum Director
Assistant Principal
Art teacher
Behavioral Analyst
School Secretary
Opportunities for a couple
and more!

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Thank you! This looks very professional and well organized. Thank you for coordinating this and for helping teachers and schools match-up for work opportunities. Hatzlacha
(5/18/2017 10:45:29 AM)
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