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/ SATURDAY, ADAR 2 5778 - 17 FEBRUARY 2018
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Feb 13 2018
Yitzchok Lutsky - Edmonton, Canada to Tzippy Dubinsky -
Passaic, NJ

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Litzman family
MAZEL TOV! MAZEL TOV! Yitzchak and Tzippy! Wishing you a long and happy life together, building a binyan adei ad. Best wishes to our dear friends the Lutsky family!
The Bukiets of Chicago
Mazal Tov !!! To Yitzchok and Tzippy on your engagement !!! Mazal Tov to our dear and most beloved friends Reb Meir Sholom and Miriam Dubinsky !!! We were so happy to hear the GREAT news about Tzippy and Yitzchok. May you only have nachas and many more simchas in your family.
tzvi and sara schwartz
mazal tov ludskys!! such great news!!!
Pinson Family Edmonton
Mazal Tov to Yitzchak and Tzippy, and to the Lutsky and Dubinsky families! Such wonderful news! Wishing you only happiness and nachas always! May we only share simchas!
Classmate from mesifta
Yitzchok Mazel tov lots of success
Mazel tov from Pittsburgh
Yitzchok (and family),

Mazel tov, mazel tov! What wonderful news. Wishing you all of Hashem's brochos.

Dr. & Mrs. Herman
International Shidduch Group Network
MAZEL TOV, Tzippy & Yitzchok, Meir & Miriam & the entire extended families! Special "shout-out" to the Dubinskys for hosting Shidduch Group meetings in Passaic--THE MAZEL IS IN THE GROUP!! The new couple should build a bayis ne'eman b'Yisroel, filled with & radiating the light of Torah & Chassidus. So thrilled for you!!
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